How to Get a Free Domain Name in Minutes

Sometimes you need a domain name, but not to the point of paying for it. It could be for a side project, some event, a non-profit group, or simply to conduct some testing. Well, as it turns out it is actually possible to acquire a domain name completely for free. Let’s see how! About Free […]

Top 7 Best Mail Apps in 2022

So you’ve got your business email addresses running, but you wonder what are the best mail apps to use them on? Well, stop searching and get yourself comfy. In this post we have selected for you what we think are the top 7 best mail apps in the galaxy as of 2022. Let’s bring the […]

3 Easy Ways to Migrate Business Email Addresses Between Services

Performing a migration between email services is often a source of pain and frustration, especially for business owners. Some mail providers provide custom built migration tools, but that’s not always the case; Or these tool may not support migrating from any mail service, or may not work as intended. And when no such tool is […]